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Balga students experience Georgiou

Friday 08, January 2016

A key element of our RAP partnership with Balga Senior High School is to provide opportunities to their students through work experience.

In 2015, 16 Balga students carried out work experience with Georgiou - in both corporate roles and on site. As a result, many of the Year 12 students are now looking at Georgiou as a potential employer which is fantastic.

Below is feedback from the Balga Senior High School VET Coordinator Abi Paterson thanking Georgiou for accommodating their students.

"Last week I visited our year 10 students who were on work experience in your head office. Yet again I am in awe of the quality of experience your staff consistently delivers with our students. I saw Shania working with Kristyn in Human Resources, while Jack was with Gavin in IT. Both students were engaged in real work activities that stretched their abilities in a supported way and both felt part of the team.

So far this year sixteen Balga SHS students have experienced Workplace Learning on a Georgiou site as part of their Certificate II in Civil Construction. Fourteen of these have completed 55 hours or more with you, which is the requirement of the course. This is valuable experience and a component of their WACE (West Australian Certificate of Education). Feedback from our students has been really positive with most feeling that 'everything about the placement was really good', although many found the pre 7am start time challenging! All students commented on how welcome they felt on site and how friendly all your site staff were. I could name many staff here but the truth is they all stood out! From my own perspective undertaking placement visits I found site staff truly understood the purpose of work placements, engaging our students in worthwhile activities in a friendly and challenging environment. Our students left placement having learned new skills, having demonstrated a commitment to work, with increased confidence and often having a greater understanding of their possible future pathways in the industry. All thanks to your staff.

I would like to make special mention of Kristyn Roberts and thank her for all she has done to make these placements possible.

Finally, moving forward, several of our year 12 students enjoyed their work placement so much they are keen to apply for work with Georgiou (through the usual route). One student even offered to work voluntarily in the school holidays! We can only thank you for the impact you are having on our student's lives and look forward to continuing to work with you.

From our experience, Georgiou staff truly are among the 'best people to work with'."

Nightworks on Reid Highway

Friday 27, November 2015

Works included installation of 8 x T-Roff beams upto 160T, manufactured by Georgiou Precast during consecutive nightshifts, as well as Stage 1 of the Rail Infrastructure works required for the new bridge.  The Team completed on schedule, following months of meticulous planning and coordinating. On the last shift the Mitchell Freeway was opened 45min early to traffic.

This may not sound much, but when the whole operation is monitored through a 30min x 30min detailed plan, 45 min is significant.

Successful completion of these works releases large portions of the site for follow-on activities, including superstructure construction and roadworks tying into the bridge. The completion of these works brings the ultimate goal of completing on time or before, another step closer.  Well done to everyone involved.


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