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Graduate and Cadet Development Program brochure

Sunday 12, October 2014

Our graduate and cadetship programs are designed to maximise learning in a structured, tailored format. Strong mentoring and management support is key to the recognised success of our programs. Graduates and undergraduates are the future of Georgiou. Developing skills and competencies means we’re helping to establish a pipeline of talented and career-minded people.Specialising in: earthworks, land development, roadworks and bridges, building construction, precast and structural concrete, non process infrastructure, camp and village accommodation, marine and port infrastructure and water infrastructure, you’ll have the opportunity to work across a number of disciplines throughout your career.

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2014 Annual Review

Friday 15, August 2014

The 2013/14 Financial Year has been Georgiou Group's most successful to date. not only was our revenue at a record high, our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rates significantly decreased, our national growth continues into New South Wales, we have successfully delivered a number of complex and challenging projects and provided our clients with more innovative solutions to assist them in delivering their projects.

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2013 Annual Review

Monday 12, August 2013

In my role as CEO, I have learnt that the only way to deliver a successful project on time and on budget is to have high-performing teams who offer our clients innovative solutions. In the past year, we have continued to solidify our position in the markets we operate in by doing just that. Whether it’s looking at new ways of launching a bridge or introducing a mobile application that increases staff productivity; these innovations are increasing our competitiveness as a business.

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