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Recruitment Partners

Agency Protocol for Labour Hire and Recruitment Agencies

At Georgiou, we recognise the benefits of building strong relationships with a range of recruitment partners. We have formal supply agreements in place, catering to our recruitment and labour hire needs. Our relationships with our suppliers are based on mutual trust and respect, and we do not accept any unsolicited candidate introductions without signed acceptance of our business terms. We also reserve the right to make direct contact with any candidate introduced to us in this way. The standards that we set are very high and we expect all our partners and suppliers to adhere to the same standards that we set ourselves. Contact us for more information.

Recruitment agencies

We work with a variety of recruitment agencies, with whom we have developed fruitful and long-lasting relationships. They assure us of a good supply of candidates, and many of our long term employees, who today enjoy successful careers with us.

Supply agreements

All supply agreements are reviewed annually and we encourage you to submit an Expression of Interest form below, so that we can consider your services at the appropriate time.

The information collected will be reviewed at future supplier agreement reviews. Please note that an expression of interest does not guarantee or secure an agreement with Georgiou. You can browse our current vacancies here.

Labour hire

We hire many workers for the construction sector, from entry-level jobs to high-level engineering positions. We also work with labour hire companies, whom we know we can trust to supply us with suitable candidates. Some of these companies are specialist construction recruitment agencies, and some are more general in their hiring approach, but they all display the necessary professionalism that we require in order to partner with us.

If you are a recruitment company and you’d like to partner with us, see the vendor application interest forms above or contact us direct.