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Roads and Bridges

Road and bridge construction

Georgiou has extensive experience in road and bridge construction, with proven success in delivering excellent project outcomes, innovative engineering solutions and improved efficiencies across our projects.

We have made significant contributions to developing infrastructures, designing and constructing architecturally sound bridges and engineering solid road networks across Australia. As the industry transforms and evolves we continually strive to stay one step ahead with innovation in every area of bridge and road construction projects.

Road construction

Given the extreme use and dynamic wear and tear that roads experience every day, we use the finest civil engineering design and construction methods to ensure the premium development of all roadway construction projects that we undertake. Experienced in compiling, detailing and working from complex technical specifications, our team of engineers understands the complexities of structural projects that call for various construction and stabilisation materials to be used in different environments.

Our clients include the government, and public and private sector clients who require new road design and construction, road rehabilitation, maintenance, and environmental construction solutions.

Bridge construction

Our team of civil engineers have completed several of the largest bridge projects for the Australian government and private sectors. Georgiou has conceptualised and constructed different sized bridges with varying load capacities, in different environments. Incremental launch, arch and suspension bridges all form part of our extensive design and construction and construct only portfolio. Given the scope and size of the projects undertaken, we have the skill contingent to erect new bridges in the most populated areas with minimal disruption to the travelling public and surrounding communities.

Due to the nature of the work, many projects have been constructed alongside operating work environments, which calls for strict adherence to safety, traffic and interface processes, in addition to liaising with community and external stakeholders.

Specialties include:

  • Road construction and reconstruction
  • Bridge deconstruction and construction
  • Pavement stabilisation
  • Traffic management
  • Traffic lights for small and major interchanges
  • Street furniture and street lighting
  • Bulk earthworks and drainage, and
  • Community relations.

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