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Our service offering

We provide a range of civil engineering and building construction services across Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We build longstanding relationships with our clients and always strive to go above the call of duty no matter who we work with. With a team of more than 600 people and delivering close to 40 major projects across Australia, our service offering spans across key sectors including building construction, land development, roads and bridges, water infrastructure, rail, and defence.

Our in-house precast facility and fleet of more than 1200 piece of plant not only allow us to provide cost savings to our clients but mobilise anywhere in Australia.

Building Construction

At Georgiou, we have a responsibility to develop buildings and structures in feasible and cost-effective ways. Our industry-leading project management, design and construction services, underpinned by our in-house technical expertise and innovative thinking, ensure all buildings we construct are delivered to the highest quality, are practical and sustainable. With a track record for delivering quality builds for both private and public clients, we operate across the commercial, retail, residential, education, medical, industrial and defence sectors.


Since inception, Georgiou has successfully provided earthworks and site preparation for a number of major building, mining and infrastructure developments across Australia. Complemented by an extensive fleet of plant and our in-house precast capability, our services extend to the prepping and remediation of building and development sites to the installation of underground services. Our commitment to client-focused, innovative solutions and our willingness to challenge our project planning and delivery strategies has resulted in long-lasting client relationships and a strong reputation in the sectors in which we operate.

Land Development

Georgiou has partnered with Australia’s most high-profile land developers to deliver more than 100 residential and industrial estates across the country since 1977. Specialising in earthworks and remediation, sewer, drainage and water system connection, communications installation, roadworks and landscaping, Georgiou provides comprehensive earthworks solutions, rehabilitation of contaminated sites as well as environmental and heritage management.


Our 17,000m2 precast facility in Western Australia specialises in T-Roff beams, bridge spans, retaining structures, sewer and stormwater pump stations and marine structures such as fenders, deck planks and caissons. Through established partnerships with suppliers in Australia and overseas and access to modern and up-to-date international manufacturing trends and technology, Georgiou can manufacture custom and proprietary products to meet client needs, ensuring it is remains one of the most efficient and productive manufacturers in Australia.

Roads and Bridges

Providing services through a range of flexible delivery methods, Georgiou has worked on some of the most significant road and bridge projects across Australia. Through a collaborative approach with our clients, we are able to provide the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to their projects. Paying particular attention to every detail, from the initial objectives of the project to the design and construction, we pride ourselves on providing an all-inclusive service that completely satisfies the needs of our clients.

Water Infrastructure

Water infrastructure and marine construction are specialised fields, as the simple introduction of water to any construction discipline changes the way in which we conceptualise a project. Once water is part of a project, there is a need for innovation, with different types of materials and methods of execution. Our capability extends from the construction of sophisticated and complex water storage tanks, distribution mains and water pumping stations to the commissioning of essential water and sewer reticulation services for land subdivisions. Additionally, our expertise in marine and port developments includes the installation of mooring systems and the supply, installation and commissioning of new fuel pipeline both over land and over water. Georgiou's water service offering is far-reaching and one of the most sought-after capabilities in the Group.

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