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Building the next generation of professionals

Georgiou’s graduate and cadet development programs are designed to maximise learning in a structured and tailored environment. Strong mentoring and management support is key to the recognised success of these programs.

We believe that by taking in young graduates and providing them with the best opportunities to learn while gaining practical experience at the same time results in well-rounded employees, who have the best chance of making a successful career in their chosen field.

We pride ourselves on being the ‘best people to work with’, and our Graduate and Cadet programs will kickstart your career in the best way possible. Contact us today to find out more.

The Graduate Development Structure

Georgiou generally selects its graduates annually from the Cadet Development Program. Successful cadets are placed on the program, which has a maximum duration of three years, however, the actual duration depends on several factors. This includes time spent on the program, completion of essential competencies and overall performance.

The Graduate Development Program had been designed to expose graduates to a wide variety of operational experiences, mentoring and coaching options, essential development solutions, and valuable networking opportunities. The aim is to develop multi-skilled, job ready and industry aligned professionals to carry our business forward.

Whether you are interested in a construction management or you are an engineering graduate, do not hesitate to contact us and enquire about our professional cadetships. We call ourselves ‘the best people to work with’, and our many satisfied employees, with blossoming careers in the industry, are testimony to that.

For a full run down on the Graduate Development Program, contact our Learning and Development team.

WA – Georgiou accepts graduates annually from the Cadet Development Program.

QLD/NSW – Georgiou accepts graduates throughout the year based on project requirements and from the Cadet Development Program.

The Cadetship (undergraduate) Structure

What is a cadetship?

A cadetship combines formal training with practical work experience

At Georgiou, we see all our cadets as future industry professionals in the making. The aim of the Cadet Development Program is to provide real industry experience to civil engineering, construction, management, and health and safety graduates.

The program differs from vacation work in that we want you for more than just the holiday period. We will offer you full-time employment (subject to requirements) during non-term time, and part-time, ongoing employment during term-time. This is a flexible arrangement ensuring your studies are always a priority.

In order to qualify for the program, you must:

  • currently be studying towards a Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Health and Safety or Environment.
  • have a minimum of one year remaining on your degree at the time of commencing the Cadet Program; and
  • be able to commit to a full time placement during non-term time, as well as a minimum of one day a week during term time (subject to individual needs).

Applications for the Cadet Development Program are open annually from 1-30 April.