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Providing students with work experience opportunities

Georgiou provides work experience opportunities in the office and on project sites. This is an excellent way to determine if you are suitable for a job placement or certain career. The practical experience gained at Georgiou will surpass anything you can learn in the class room. To discuss our various work experience possibilities, contact a member of the Learning and Development team.

How do you start?

The best place to start is to evaluate your qualifications, skills, experience or passions and see what areas of construction suits you best. You can then talk to a member of our Learning and Development team who will evaluate your position and, if suitable, place you accordingly. All work experience placements are required to provide relevant paperwork (including insurances) from their school, college or university.

Please note: We do not offer work experience for engineering, construction management and health and safety students. These form part of our Cadet Development Program.

Graduate and Cadet Program

For tertiary students, Georgiou offers formal training and experience in engineering, construction management, environment and health and safety management. For more information, visit our Graduates and Cadets page. 

Vacation work

Georgiou occasionally offers vacation work to the right candidates. This is a more flexible arrangement where students work during their vacation time for a limited time period. If you are looking for vacation work opportunities, contact our Learning and Development team today.