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In October 2015, Georgiou was awarded the civil construction contract for Lendlease’s Aurora Residential Estate Project in Wollert, VIC.

Scope of works for the Aurora Residential Estate Project included:

  • bulk earthworks, stripping and creek/waterway formation works;
  • construction of extension of Edgars Road, connecting to Craigieburn Road East;
  • construction of three culvert/bridge creek crossings;
  • construction of all internal roads and drainage;
  • installation of sewerage and water reticulation works;
  • hard and soft landscaping works; and
  • connection of electrical and telecommunication reticulation.

Key challenges on the project included; dust management due to the close proximity of the works to local residents; environmental controls and management of sensitive flora and fauna; and undertaking multiple stages concurrently to meet high production demand.

Through the unique open and collaborative approach between Georgiou, Lendlease and their design consultant, Beveridge Williams, potential issues with design and constructability were raised and managed proactively, reducing costs and mitigating delays to the programme.

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