Pre Loader


Georgiou was contracted to manufacture concrete segments for the Blue Water Project (Precast), as part of the Sydney Desalination Project Joint Venture between John Holland and Veolia Water, who had been awarded the design and construction of the new desalination plant in NSW.

Within six weeks of award, Georgiou had set up a new manufacturing facility specifically designed for the project, and within three months this facility was fully operational and producing product.

The Blue Water Project (Precast) involved the manufacture of 22,800 precast concrete segments, casting 13,800m3 of concrete overall, production of 150 segments along with the delivery of 144 segments daily. The segments created 3,800 rings which pieced together and were used to build two intake and outtake tunnels, each 2.5km long.

Fulfillment of this contract was an outstanding achievement for Georgiou, given the tight production targets, strict quality requirements and the remoteness of the specially designed manufacturing facility.

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