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Georgiou was awarded the Green Camp Road Corridor Upgrade in May 2018, valued at circa $28 million.

The project saw Georgiou duplicate the existing road from two-lanes to four-lanes and upgrade Tilly Road and Rickertt Road.

Green Camp Road Corridor Upgrade scope of works included:

  • providing a minimum of two through lanes in each direction on Green Camp Road from Manly Road to approx. 180 metres past the Rickertt Road intersection;
  • providing three through lanes on the northbound carriageway adjacent to the Tilley Road intersection;
  • signalising the Green Camp Road and¬†Tilley Road intersection including widening the Tilley Road approach to provide one left-turn lane and one right-turn lane;
  • providing two through lanes on Rickertt Road in each direction for 200 metres from the Green Camp Road intersection;
  • widening the Rickertt Road approach to provide a separate left-turn lane and two right-turn lanes;
  • raising the road level and upgrading the existing culverts under the Green Camp Road and Tilley Road intersection to improve drainage and flood immunity to a 1% annual exceedance probability (1 in 100 year probability of a flood occurrence);
  • providing on-road cycle lanes and off-road shared paths;
  • providing fauna crossing facilities, fauna fencing and wildlife awareness zones;
  • providing improved pedestrian footpath connections;
  • a new car park 250 metres north of the Green Camp Road and Tilley Road intersection; and
  • landscaping treatments.

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