Pre Loader


The Northlink Stage 1 Precast project involved the manufacture and supply of Tee-Roff bridge beams, trapezoidal underpasses, noise and retaining walls, headwalls and various other precast elements.

Of the 58 Tee-Roff beams, six were produced out of Georgiou’s Hazelmere facility every week. The beams ranged in size from 90 to 160 tonnes. Georgiou invested heavily in Isoloader craneage, steam curing, hydraulic stressing, single case reinforcement jigs, spreader beams and strand jacking systems for the project.

The noise wall panels were produced at a rate of 20-30 per day (300m2/day) with many having artwork. The panels were delivering using a Prefamax toaster rack delivery system to improve safety and result in time savings to the client.

Georgiou was awarded every significant precast contract on Northlink Stage 1.