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Georgiou has delivered the Obsorne Park Drainage upgrade to the drainage infrastructure in Osborne Park and surrounding areas. As a result, the project has increased water capacity and minimised potential flooding.

The drainage culvert under Pearson Street was replaced and sections of the open drain running along Stephenson Avenue to Herdsman Lake were cleared out and re-lined. The team worked over a 24-hour period to replace the culvert.

The scope of works included:

  • Dredging, regrading and widening approximately 300-metres downstream of the existing Pearson Street open drain, including placement, installation of rock pitching, new headwall construction and removal of existing DN1500 piped culvert.
  • Upgrading of the existing culvert through Pearson Street, including installation of  six new DN1200 RCP culverts.
  • Regrading and upgrading of the drain from Pearson St at the downstream side of the proposed Scarborough Beach Rd culverts, including rock protection placement and erosion control matting.

The team overcame traffic management constraints and a tight working area to deliver the project. To improve the performance and lifecycle of the drain, the team applied extensive rock-pitching and erosion control matting to the base and sides of the drain.

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