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Georgiou manufactured 16 Tee-Roff bridge beams spanning 48 metres in length and weighing up to 185 tonnes as part of the Reid Highway Bridge Beams project for Main Roads WA.

At the time, the 48-metre beams were the longest in-situ beams to be manufactured in Western Australia. The length of the beams for the interchange eliminated the need for a central pier, allowing both cost and time savings for the team.

Safety and efficiency at the intersection of Reid Highway and Malaga Drive has been boosted with two new bridges providing four lanes for Reid Highway traffic to flow uninterrupted over Malaga Drive. This means the 75,000 vehicles using this intersection each weekday will no longer have to wait for several traffic signal changes at peak periods and will experience better traffic flow in the area.

As well as the Reid Highway Bridge Beams, Georgiou also delivered the Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) panels for the project.

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