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Brisbane City Council awarded Georgiou a second contract to deliver the Telegraph Road Upgrade Stage 2 project in April 2017, valued at circa $41 million.

Telegraph Road Upgrade Stage 2 connects directly into Stage 1B (Norris Road to Mustang Street) which was delivered by Georgiou in April 2017.

Works included the construction of a four-lane median-divided carriageway from Mustang Street to the Gateway Motorway on/off ramps (including additional through lanes and turn lanes); removal of the existing roundabout and installation of traffic signals; construction of a four-lane median-divided carriageway at Lemke Road from Telegraph Road to Tallowwood Place, with double right-turn lanes and a four-lane bridge; U-turn facilities; parking bays; new shared pathways, path linkages and cycle lanes; new street lighting and the upgrade of the cyclist/pedestrian underpass on Depot Road.

In addition to the construction works, the team undertook fauna movement measures, including the installation of a fauna underpass/glider poles, landscaping and re-vegetation works.

The project is set to improve safety, travel times, facilities for pedestrian and cyclists, road flood immunity and cater for existing and future traffic demands in the area to reduce congestion.

Georgiou previously delivered the Telegraph Road Upgrade Stage 1B in August 2017.

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