Over the period of two years, Georgiou delivered Rio Tinto Iron Ore's award-winning Cape Lambert Camps A and B.



Rio Tinto Iron Ore


Point Samson Western Australia 6720, Australia


Jan 2011 - Sep 2013


$94 million

Over the period of two years, Georgiou delivered Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s award-winning Cape Lambert Camps A and B.

In January 2011, Georgiou secured the contract to complete the Cape Lambert Camp A Village Expansion which included the installation and commissioning of: a further 500 standard rooms; laundries; gymnasium/sports facilities; toilets; executive accommodation; ice and refrigerated rooms; wet mess facilities; underground services for fire, potable water, sewerage, drainage, communications and power including associated treatment plants.

The successful completion of Camp A led to the award of a separate contract for Camp B, to design and construct a 1,200 person camp with similar scope, but with an in-situ built kitchen and dining hall that also served as a designated cyclone refuge to IL4 standards. Additionally, the project team delivered maintenance and recycling facilities, a light vehicle washdown facility, a multi-purpose sports court, a swimming pool and an indoor cricket pitch.

Delivering the accommodation in a staged approach with kitchen, wet mess and additional central facility buildings whilst the 800 person camp was fully operational (night shift personnel), created scheduling challenges for the team. To ensure minimal disruption and astute delivery of the required infrastructure, Georgiou’s teams worked with local contractors and produced a schedule that was able to meet client needs. The client received a camp on program that met and exceeded expectations, whilst demonstrating a focus on safety.

Georgiou worked with the client and caterer to ensure minimal disruption to the camp occupants while installing all rooms and facilities. The Cape Lambert Camps A and B project team created time savings for the Client through manufacturing the precast footings offsite out of Georgiou’s Precast facility. Other benefits provided to the client included: the use of an in-situ kitchen, which delivered significant time savings (the kitchen took approx. 50 percent less time to construct than a modular facility); phased handover to allow for early occupancy; and with both packages delivered concurrently, Georgiou was able to meet the expanding camps needs and demonstrate its ability to mitigate disruptions to camp occupants, whilst installing all accommodation and facilities within timeframes.


  • 2013 Winner of Master Builders Australia Excellence in Construction Award (WA) – Birra Birra Village (Cape Lambert) A and B (Best Multi-Unit Development)
  • 2013 Winner of Australian Institute of Building Professional Excellence in Building Award (WA) –  Birra Birra (Cape Lambert) Village A and B (Commercial Construction $50-$100 Million Commendation)