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Georgiou is committed to promoting a culture of sustainability. We manage our operations in a manner that minimises our environmental and social impacts, while enabling the integration of sustainability principles and practices into everything we do. For more on our sustainability commitment, click here.

IS Rating Scheme

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) has an IS Rating Scheme (IS) which is Australia and New Zealand’s only comprehensive rating system for evaluating sustainability across the planning, design, construction and operational phases of infrastructure programs, projects, networks and assets. IS evaluates the sustainability performance of the quadruple bottom line (Governance, Economic, Environmental and Social) of infrastructure development.

Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rated projects

Georgiou has worked on several projects that have attained or are in the process of attaining an IS rating.


Status: Under construction

Georgiou partnered with Ertech on the Northern Road upgrade project, between Mersey Road, Bringelly and Eaton Road, Luddenham for Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), valued at more than $120 million.

Georgiou/Ertech are responsible for attaining a stage of the IS rating as the overall rating will be combined between the Northern Road Stage 4,5, and 6. Stage 4 target is an excellent rating for construct only category under the V1.2 criteria.

The 5.7km road construction project includes:

  • the diversion and widening of the Northern Road between Mersey Road and Eaton Road around the site of the Western Sydney Airport ;
  • a left in/left out intersection at Dwyer Road;
  • a u-turn controlled with traffic lights for access to the Leppington Pastoral Company;
  • new traffic lights at the service entrance to Western Sydney Airport;
  • new traffic lights at the T-intersection with the bypassed Northern Road (north of Eaton Road);
  • a left in/left out intersection for Eaton Road (East);
  • cyclist and pedestrian facilities; and
  • related works including relocation of utilities.

The project is set for completion in August 2020 with the project team still progressing towards an IS rating for this stage of works.


Status: Under construction

Georgiou is currently delivering the Moorebank Logistics Park West for client, QUBE, valued at $94 million. The contract’s scope of work includes delivering all civil and infrastructure works required for the Moorebank Logistics Park West project, including clearing, bulk earthworks, earth retaining structures, access roads and stormwater and drainage.

QUBE holdings Ltd (the client) are working towards attainment of IS and Greenstar ratings for Moorebank Logistics Park which includes the west and east precincts. Georgiou is undertaking stage 2 of the west precinct and will undertake the IS requirements for this portion of work. The stage 2 of West precinct is set for completion in April 2021.

Pimlico to Teven Stage 3

Status: Under construction

The Pacific Highway Woolgoolga to Ballina (W2B) upgrade project is Australia’s largest regional public infrastructure project and the nation’s first Delivery Partner procurement model.

The project involves the duplication of approximately 155 kilometres of road to a four-lane divided road on the Pacific Highway. The upgrade will begin 6 kilometres north of Woolgoolga and end approximately 6 kilometres south of Ballina.

As part of the project, Georgiou delivered the Pimlico to Teven Stage 3 works in 2019. Pacific Complete is the delivery partner for W2B and have been progressing towards, and IS rating for entire project. Georgiou worked with Pacific complete to achieve and report on all IS requirements for the Pimlico to Teven Stage 3 works. While Georgiou’s portion of the work is complete, the overall W2B project is set for completion in mid-late 2020 with the delivery team (Pacific Complete) still progressing towards an IS rating.

Gateway WA

Status: Complete

The Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project, valued at $1 billion, comprised the widening 7km of Tonkin Highway to six lanes, upgrading 3km of Leach Highway to expressway standard, constructing four new grade separated interchanges and upgrading a fifth interchange, including the Grand Gateway three-level interchange that provides new access to Perth Airport.

Gateway WA incorporates road and bridge improvements, local road modifications, 21km of continuous grade separated shared path and local connections for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, it has delivered 6km of noise/screen walls, landscaping, including installing approximately one million plants, embracing innovative urban design and intelligent transport system technology.

The project achieved the second highest Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating for a completed infrastructure construction project in Australia and was awarded an ‘Excellent’ IS As Built rating by the prestigious Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

A number of sustainable initiatives delivered by the Gateway WA Alliance team led to the achievement of the ‘Excellent’ IS As Built rating, including:

  • outstanding management of substantial volumes of waste;
  • relocating animals found in the project area;
  • working with members of the local Aboriginal community to enhance the recognition of heritage through public art; and
  • delivering an innovative design for the new Roe Highway/Berkshire Road interchange, the first of its kind in Australia.
Key sustainability outcomes delivered by Gateway WA
  • Waste management: The Gateway WA Alliance excelled in managing waste. Waste management practices included recycling more than ninety five percent of waste sent offsite and processing 850,000 tonnes, the equivalent of 38 Olympic sized swimming pools, of unsuitable material onsite, diverting this from being sent to landfill.
  • Protection of fauna and minimisation of clearing: During the project design phase, planning took place to survey more than 1,000 established trees in the clearing zones to analyse for potential retention. Gateway WA also undertook a program for trapping and relocation of animals found in the project area, this included relocating more than 100 bandicoots prior to clearing.
  • Recognition of heritage: Members from the Gateway WA project team and the local Aboriginal community worked together to inform the project scope with the aim of reducing impact to heritage sites within the project area and enhancing the heritage through urban design and public art features. The City Link Noise Wall Art work, incorporating an acknowledgement of Noongar land and culture written in both English and Noongar languages, is an example of the recognition of the heritage of the area.
  • Innovation: Gateway WA was rewarded for their innovative ‘tennis ball’ or ‘cut-through’ design of the Roe Highway/Berkshire Road interchange, the first of its kind in Australia. This innovative design was aimed at improving road user safety by reducing the impact of potential crashes.

Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) self-assessments

The following projects are undertaking a self-assessment against the IS rating scheme. This means they have not formally applied with ISCA for a IS accreditation.


Status: Under construction

The joint Australian and WA government project will bust congestion and dramatically improve safety along a 1.5km section of High Street between Carrington Street and Stirling Highway, with construction and design works being undertaken by outstanding WA builder Georgiou. About 700 jobs will be created during construction, which will include:

  • A new roundabout at the intersection of High Street and Stirling Highway
  • Widened median on High Street to separate traffic lanes and maximise mature tree preservation
  • Single-lane one-way service road for residents on the northern side of High Street
  • New underpass at the junction of Forrest Street and Stirling Highway
  • New underpass at the junction of Montreal Street and High Street.

The project is being delivered on behalf of MRWA in line with their current strategic direction, Keeping WA Moving. This means that when planning for and designing the project works, Georgiou must simultaneously consider social, environmental and economic matters to ensure the works are consistent with sustainability principles.

To assist in meeting this requirement Georgiou has made the following key Project Sustainability documents publicly available: