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Georgiou is committed to promoting a culture of sustainability. We manage our operations in a manner that minimises our environmental and social impacts, while enabling the integration of sustainability principles and practices into everything we do.

Our Commitment

In order to achieve this sustainability commitment, Georgiou:

  • endeavours to integrate sustainability initiatives throughout our business;
  • sets sustainability objectives and targets applicable to its projects and facilities;
  • aspires to work closely with local communities to achieve shared and lasting outcomes;
  • supports our teams in being diverse, engaged, motivated and competent – together working towards the sustainable success of our business;
  • actively encourages ideas and innovation, internally and external, that can create financial savings and benefit to society and the environment in which we operate;
  • endeavours to measure our impact through Health, Safety and Environmental data and our financial performance; and
  • strives to deliver sustainable profitable growth while satisfying our social, legal and contractual obligations.