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Valued at $14 million, Georgiou was awarded the design and construct contract for the Ellenbrook Water Tank and associated works for Water Corporation.

The project involved the construction an 80 million litre capacity water storage tank to support projected growth in Ellenbrook and the north eastern metropolitan corridor.

Work included taking 1,300 cubic metres of concrete to lay the base of the 91 metre diameter tank, placing a total of 80, 2.9 metre-wide pre-made concrete panels, 13 concrete columns weighing in at 7.5 tonnes each, and the installation of the massive roof. The panels and columns were locally made and transported from companies in Hazelmere (Georgiou Precast) and Ascot and the roof was made in a precast facility in Capel in the State’s south-west.

The water tank is the largest concrete tank Georgiou and the Water Corporation have ever constructed, measuring approximately 90 metres in diameter and 14 metres in height.

Delivered jointly by our Infrastructure and Engineering business units, the project also involved clearing, topsoil stripping and cut-to-fill earthworks.

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